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Exercise Bike Benefits–5 Advantages For You

Exercise bike benefits are clear once you use a bike for just a short time. Most of us need a serious fitness program. Many health problems result from simple lack of physical activity. An exercise bike is a great tool to use in your fitness program.

Your choices of an activity to improve your fitness is very important. Sadly, buying a piece of equipment or even a membership in a gym or fitness club won’t get the job done! We actually have to get up and do something! Choose a machine or an activity that you will actually use is the key to success for getting in shape.

Following are five benefits to getting and using an exercise bicycle in your fitness routine.

1. Convenience

You can use a bike at a gym and enjoy the motivation of contact with others. That contact with others may motivate you to stay at a program over a long time. But an exercise bike at home is a great plus too. Exercise at any time right at home. Save travel time and expense. Even if you like to work out at a gym, an exercise bike at home is there for days you just can’t make it to the gym.

2. Economical

You can get your own exercise bike for an affordable price. Especially good values can be found in the $200-$500 range. A good machine will last for many years with little upkeep. My Schwinn Airdyne has 7000 miles on it with virtually no maintenance. There are no fees to pay and no additional costs.

3. Good for any fitness level

Even if you have joint problems, you can use your exercise bike since your weight isn’t on your joints. If you’re really out of shape, you can still use your bike at a pace that’s right for you. Or if you’re in good shape, you can really hammer the bike and push yourself as hard as you choose to. Your bike can provide you with a great workout no matter what your fitness level.

4. Lose weight and fat

Use your bike to improve your heart and lung fitness. Burn calories and lose weight as you tone muscles and increase strength. If you have a dual-action machine that works your legs and arms, you can almost get a total body workout. It’s great. Only about 12-15 minutes of vigorous pedaling are required to start burning fat.

5. Combine with other exercises

Boredom is one of the main reasons we stop exercising. If you can combine several different kinds of exercises and change routines regularly, you can beat boredom. For example try riding your bike three days a week and walk the other days. Or work out with weights on days you don’t bike. Or ride your bike a few minutes, then do weight machine exercises a few minutes then back to the bike. Go back and forth from bike to weight machine for 20 to 30 minutes to complete a workout. Use your imagination to mix it up and fight boredom. Keep it interesting!

Those are five exercise bike benefits to consider. Whether you use an exercise bike at a gym or at home, it’s a great tool for getting fit and staying fit.

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